Idaho Statutes

22-607.  Labels — Information required. (1) Any fertilizer distributed in this state in containers shall have placed on or affixed to the container a label setting forth in a clearly legible and conspicuous form the following information:
(a)  The net weight;
(b)  The brand and grade, provided that the grade shall not be required when no primary nutrients are claimed;
(c)  Product name;
(d)  Guaranteed analysis;
(e)  The name and address of the registrant, or manufacturer, or both;
(f)  The sources from which the guaranteed plant nutrients are derived; and
(g)  Directions for use of specialty fertilizers distributed to the end user.
(2)  In the case of bulk shipments, this information in written or printed form, shall accompany delivery and be supplied to the purchaser.
(3)  Each delivery of a customer-formula fertilizer shall contain those ingredients specified by the purchaser. The ingredients shall be shown on the statement or invoice with the amount contained therein, and a record of all invoices of customer-formula grade mixes shall be kept by the registrant for a period of thirty-six (36) months and shall be available to the department upon request; provided, that each delivery shall be accompanied by either a statement, invoice, delivery slip, or label if bagged, containing the following information:
(a)  The net weight;
(b)  The guaranteed analysis or evidence of grade which may be stated to the nearest tenth of a percent or to the next lower whole number, or weight and grade of each ingredient;
(c)  The name and address of the registrant or manufacturer, or both; and
(d)  The name and address of the purchaser.

[22-607, added 2000, ch. 295, sec. 2, p. 1017; am. 2008, ch. 131, sec. 3, p. 371.]

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