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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


23-1006.  Records and returns of licensees — Investigations and examinations. Every licensed dealer, brewer and wholesaler shall have, and notify the director of, a place of business within the state of Idaho where such licensee will and shall keep a record of his or its imports into, and sales of beer within, the state, including the date, quantity, from whom purchased for import, the carrier or other person or means by whom or which transported for import, and the name and address of the vendee, and shall so keep such record of each such sale or import for a period of four (4) years thereafter. Such licensee shall, on or before the 15th day of each month, make a return to the director of the amount of beer sold in, and imported by him into, the state of Idaho for the preceding month, which shall be upon forms furnished by the director. The director may require such additional information to be included in such returns as shall assist him in determining whether or not such licensee is complying with, or violating, this act and whether or not all taxes and license fees provided for by this act are being fully paid. The director shall have the right at any time to make an examination of each dealer’s, brewer’s and wholesaler’s books, records and premises, make an inventory and otherwise check the accuracy of such returns, and investigate for any violation of this act, and file, and retain in his office for not less than two (2) years, a report thereof. An application for, and acceptance of a license by, a dealer, brewer, wholesaler or retailer shall constitute consent to, and be authority for, entry by the director, or his authorized agents, upon any premises related to the licensee’s business, or wherein are, or should be, kept, any of the licensee’s books, records, supplies or other property related to said business, and to make the inventory, check and investigations aforesaid with relation to said licensee or any other licensee.

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