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23-1316.  Expiration and renewal of licenses. All licenses issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall expire at 1:00 o’clock a.m. on the first day of the renewal month which shall be determined by the director by administrative rule and shall be subject to annual renewal upon proper application. The director will determine the renewal month by county based on the number of current licenses within each county, distributing renewals throughout the licensing year. The director may adjust the renewal month to accommodate population increases. Each licensee will be issued a temporary license to operate until their renewal month has been determined. Thereafter, renewals will occur annually on their renewal month. Renewal applications for licenses accompanied by the required fee must be filed with the director on or before the first day of the designated renewal month. Any licensee holding a valid license who fails to file an application for renewal of the current license on or before the first day of the designated renewal month shall have a grace period of an additional thirty-one (31) days in which to file an application for renewal of the license. The licensee, however, shall not be permitted to engage in any activity authorized by the license during the thirty-one (31) day extended time period unless and until the license is renewed. Renewal of such licenses shall be on forms prescribed and furnished by the issuing authority. The renewal form shall be submitted, together with the required license fees, and an affidavit verifying that the information contained in the original application is unchanged, or if there are material changes, indicating such changes.

[23-1316, added 1971, ch. 156, sec. 16, p. 760; am. 2001, ch. 30, sec. 3, p. 47.]

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