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25-1172.  Impoundment of livestock if no satisfactory evidence of ownership. Livestock which shall be found by any brand inspector, deputy brand inspector or peace officer of the state in the possession of any person who shall be unable to furnish to such inspector or peace officer, upon request therefor, satisfactory evidence of the ownership of such livestock or the right to possession thereof, may be taken into the possession of such inspector or peace officer and detained by him without liability, and at the expense of the owner thereof, until the ownership of such livestock shall be established. No livestock shall be released to the owner thereof until all costs and expenses of detaining said livestock have been paid. If the ownership of any such livestock shall not be established within ten (10) days from the time such inspector or other officer shall take the same into possession, such inspector or other officer may have such livestock sold at public sale in any auction house or sales ring at which livestock of this nature are customarily sold and the costs of sale and the costs of keeping the livestock before the sale thereof shall be paid from the sale proceeds and the balance of such proceeds shall be paid to the treasurer of the state of Idaho for deposit in the unclaimed livestock proceeds account.
In the event any such livestock shall be delivered to any sales ring, slaughter facility or auction house for sale prior to the time that possession thereof shall be taken by an officer, then the officer may permit the sale of such livestock at such auction house, slaughter facility or sales ring and impound the proceeds from the sale thereof until the ownership of such proceeds shall be established.

[(25-1172) I.C., sec. 25-1410, as added by 1973, ch. 168, sec. 20, p. 339; am. 1988 & redesignated 25-1172, ch. 75, sec. 35, p. 127; am. 1992, ch. 65, sec. 1, p. 199.]

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