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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


25-240.  Livestock removal requirements. Livestock removal requirements shall apply as follows:
(1)  For approved feedlots, all animals must go to slaughter except under conditions specified in rule by the department.
(2)  For approved trader lots, brucellosis test-eligible cattle that are sexually intact cattle over eighteen (18) months or pregnant or post-pregnant cattle of any age, must receive a health certificate prior to release for breeding or grazing purposes. Cattle destined for slaughter, an approved feedlot or a livestock market are exempt from this requirement. Cattle that are not brucellosis test-eligible are not required to receive a health certificate prior to release. All non-virgin bulls and all bulls over eighteen (18) months of age leaving a trader lot must be accompanied with a current negative trichomoniasis test or undergo three (3) negative trichomoniasis tests collected at least seven (7) days apart unless they are destined for slaughter, an approved feedlot or a livestock market.
(3)  For buying stations, no health certificate or saleyard release is required because all buying station livestock must go directly to slaughter and cattle going to slaughter do not require a health certificate.
(4)  For livestock dealers, if cattle are sold and are moving within the state, the only removal requirement is to receive a brand inspection. No health certificate is required. If cattle are crossing state lines, all livestock interstate movement requirements shall apply, which in most instances will include a health certificate.
(5)  For livestock markets, all animals shall be inspected by an accredited veterinarian, confirmed to be free of disease and receive either a saleyard release form or health certificate to certify the livestock meet all requirements to ship to their destinations.

[25-240, added 2016, ch. 49, sec. 2, p. 143.]

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