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25-2312.  Sale by sheriff — Subsequent claims. If the estray livestock is sold by a sheriff, after deducting the costs provided for by this chapter, particularly by section 25-2309, Idaho Code, the net proceeds of the sale shall be forwarded to the county treasurer and the county treasurer shall hold the proceeds of the sale for six (6) months. At any time within the six (6) month period, any person claiming to be the owner of the animal sold may recover the net funds of the sale from the county treasurer by producing proof that the animal or animals were his property. Said proof shall be made before the sheriff who made the sale or his successor in office and for such purpose the sheriff is empowered to administer oaths to the claimant or his witnesses. Upon making such proof, the sheriff shall give the claimant an order on the county treasurer, which order shall be retained until the six (6) month period has expired. If such claimant is the only person claiming the livestock, the county treasurer shall turn over such moneys to the claimant. If, however, there be more than one claimant for said moneys, then such contesting claimants must bring an action within three (3) months to determine who is the owner of the livestock sold. The action shall be brought in the magistrate or district court having jurisdiction of the matter. The claimant receiving judgment in his favor shall be entitled to said moneys. In case the ownership of the livestock be not proved, or there are no claims as to the ownership of such livestock within the time provided, then the moneys in the hands of the county treasurer shall be forfeited to the school district where said animal or animals were taken up and shall, by the county treasurer, be turned over to such school district for the use of the school district.

[I.C., sec. 25-2312, as added by 1976, ch. 88, sec. 2, p. 302.]

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