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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-1811.  Mutual savings banks — Ownership — Membership — Directors — Capital. (1) Members of a mutual savings bank are the owners of the mutual savings bank and shall possess voting rights and any other rights as are provided in the articles of incorporation or bylaws of the mutual savings bank.
(2)  The membership of a mutual savings bank shall consist of those persons who either:
(a)  Hold deposit accounts in the mutual savings bank; or
(b)  Borrow funds or become obligated on a loan from the mutual savings bank, for as long as the loan remains unpaid and the debtor remains liable to the mutual savings bank for repayment of the loan.
(3)  The board of directors of a mutual savings bank shall be elected by the members at the annual meeting required by section 26-213, Idaho Code. Voting for directors by deposit account holders shall be weighted according to the total amount of deposit accounts held by the members, subject to any maximum number of votes per member which a mutual savings bank may provide in its articles of incorporation. Voting rights for borrowers shall be fully described in a detailed manner in the articles of incorporation of the mutual savings bank.
(4)  Mutual savings banks operating under this chapter shall at all times maintain capital at a level determined by the director to be adequate for the safe and sound operation of the savings bank. In addition to the capital plan required to be submitted to the director by section 26-1812, Idaho Code, each mutual savings bank shall periodically revise its capital plan upon written request by the director. All capital plans are subject to the approval of the director. Either failing to maintain adequate capital or operating without an approved capital plan are both violations of this chapter and grounds for sanctions under chapter 11, title 26, Idaho Code.

[26-1811, added 1997, ch. 310, sec. 3, p. 919.]

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