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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-2132.  Merger. Any credit union may, with the approval of the director, merge with another credit union under the existing charter of such other credit union. The director shall not approve a merger if the effect of the merger would be to provide a broader common bond than allowable under section 26-2110, Idaho Code. The merger may be based upon any plan agreed to by the majority of the board of directors of each credit union joining in the merger, and approved by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members of each such credit union at meetings of the members called for such purpose. Any member not present at the meeting may, within the next twenty (20) days, vote by signing a statement on a form prescribed by the board of directors and such vote shall have as full force and effect as if cast at the meeting. If any such member does not vote within the twenty (20) day period, he shall be deemed to be in favor of the merger. After such agreement by the directors and approval by the members of each credit union, the president and secretary of each credit union shall execute a certificate of merger which shall set forth at least all of the following:
(a)  The time and place of the meeting of the board of directors at which the plan was agreed upon.
(b)  The vote in favor of adoption of the plan.
(c)  A copy of the resolution or other action by which the plan was agreed upon.
(d)  The time and place of the meeting of the members at which the plan agreed upon was approved.
(e)  The vote by which the plan was approved by the members.
Such certificates and a copy of the plan of the merger shall be forwarded to the director and if approved, a copy of the certificate shall be filed with the county clerk of the county in which each credit union participating in the merger has its principal place of business, and then filed with the director, whereupon the charter of the merged credit union as a legal entity separate from the surviving credit union shall terminate.
Upon any such merger so affected, all property, property rights, and interests of the merged credit union, shall vest in the surviving credit union without deed, endorsement or other instrument of transfer, and all debts, obligations and liabilities of the merged credit union shall be deemed to have been assumed by the surviving credit union whose charter the merger has affected.
This section shall be construed, when possible, to permit a credit union chartered under the Federal Credit Union Act to merge with one chartered under this chapter, or to permit one chartered under this chapter to merge with one chartered under the Federal Credit Union Act.

[26-2132, added 1977, ch. 213, sec. 2, p. 601.]

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