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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


26-3706.  Specification for residence contracts. (1) In addition to such other provisions as may be considered proper to effectuate the purpose of any continuing care agreement, each agreement executed on and after the date of the adoption of this chapter shall be written in nontechnical language easily understood by a layperson and shall:
(a)  Show the value of all property transferred, including donations, subscriptions, fees and any other amounts paid or payable by, or on behalf of, the resident or residents;
(b)  Specify in detail all services which are to be provided by the provider to each resident;
(c)  Describe the health and financial conditions upon which the provider may have the resident relinquish his space in the designated facility;
(d)  State the fees and conditions that will apply if the resident marries while at the designated facility;
(e)  Provide that the agreement may be canceled upon the giving of notice of cancellation of at least thirty (30) days by the resident. An agreement may be canceled by the provider if there has been a good faith determination in writing, signed by the medical director and the administrator of the facility, that a resident is a danger to himself or others;
(f)  Provide in print no smaller than the largest type used in the body of said agreement, the terms governing the refund of any portion of the entrance fee;
(g)  State the terms under which an agreement is canceled by the death of the resident. The agreement may contain a provision to the effect that, upon the death of the resident, the moneys paid for the continuing care of such resident shall be considered earned and become the property of the provider;
(h)  Provide for advance notice to the resident, of not less than thirty (30) days, before any change in fees or charges or the scope of care or services may be effective, except for changes required by state or federal assistance programs;
(i)  Provide that charges for care paid in one (1) lump sum shall not be increased or changed during the duration of the agreed upon care, except for changes required by state or federal assistance programs.
(2)  A resident shall have the right to rescind a continuing care agreement, without penalty or forfeiture, within seven (7) days after making an initial deposit or executing the agreement. A resident shall not be required to move into the facility designated in the agreement before the expiration of the seven (7) day period.
(3)  If a resident dies before occupancy date, or through illness, injury or incapacity is precluded from becoming a resident under the terms of the continuing care agreement, the agreement is automatically rescinded and the resident or his legal representative shall receive a full refund of all moneys paid to the facility, except those costs specifically incurred by the facility at the request of the resident and set forth in writing in a separate addendum, signed by both parties to the agreement.
(4)  No agreement for care shall permit dismissal or discharge of the resident from the facility providing care prior to the expiration of the agreement, without just cause for such a removal. Just cause may include, but not be limited to, a good faith determination in writing, signed by the medical director and the administrator of the facility that a resident is a danger to himself or others while remaining in the facility. Dismissal for just cause shall not affect the resident’s qualification for a refund under the contract.
(5)  No act, agreement or statement of any resident, or of any individual purchasing care for a resident under any agreement to furnish care to the resident, shall constitute a valid waiver of any provision of this chapter intended for the benefit or protection of the resident or the individual purchasing care for the resident.

[26-3706, added 2005, ch. 265, sec. 15, p. 819.]

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