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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


30-915.  Notice of conflict of interest — Closing statement. (1) An escrow agency licensee shall act without partiality to any of the parties to the escrow. An escrow agency may not close a transaction where it has, directly or indirectly, a monetary interest in the subject property either as buyer or seller. If an escrow agency has a business interest in the escrow transaction other than as the escrow agency licensee, the relationship or interest must be disclosed in the written escrow instructions. After noting such interest, an additional statement shall appear as follows: "We call this interest to your attention for disclosure purposes. This interest will not, in our opinion, prevent us from being a fair and impartial escrow agency in this transaction, but you are, nevertheless, free to request the transaction be handled by some other escrow agency."
(2)  On completion of an escrow transaction, the escrow agency licensee shall deliver to each principal a signed written closing statement. The closing statement shall show all receipts and disbursements relating to the escrow transaction. Any charges by, or disbursements to, the escrow agency shall be clearly noted.

[30-915, added 2005, ch. 236, sec. 2, p. 723.]

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