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31-1901.  Commissioners may issue funding and refunding bonds. The board of county commissioners of any county in this state may issue negotiable coupon bonds of their county for the purpose of paying, redeeming, funding or refunding the outstanding indebtedness of the county, including an obligation meeting the criteria of section 63-1315, Idaho Code, whether the indebtedness exists as a warrant indebtedness or bonded indebtedness. All such bonds shall be in the form and shall be issued, sold or exchanged and redeemed in accordance with the provisions of chapter 2, title 57, Idaho Code, known as the "municipal bond law" of the state of Idaho, except where different provision is made herein. Provided, that the authority to fund warrant indebtedness shall extend only to the funding of warrant indebtedness existing as of the second Monday in January, 1933, and providing further that all taxes and other revenues which but for the funding of warrants would have been lawfully applicable to the redemption of the warrants so funded shall, as and when collected, be apportioned to and placed in the sinking fund for the payment of the interest and retirement of the principal of such bonds. Bonds issued for the purpose of funding warrants shall bear interest payable semiannually as the board of county commissioners may determine.

[(31-1901) added 2012, ch. 339, sec. 15, p. 944; am. 2019, ch. 205, sec. 3, p. 626.]

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