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31-2227.  Enforcement of penal laws — Primary responsibility. (1) Irrespective of police powers vested by statute in state, county and municipal officers, and except where otherwise provided in Idaho Code, it is hereby declared to be the policy of the state of Idaho that the primary duty of enforcing all the penal provisions of any and all statutes of this state, in any court, is vested in the sheriff and prosecuting attorney of each of the several counties. When, in the judgment of such county officers, they need assistance from municipal peace officers within the county, they are authorized and directed to call for such assistance and local officers shall render assistance.
(2)  When, in the judgment of such county officers, advice and/or assistance is needed which is not available in the county, the sheriff and/or the prosecuting attorney are directed to call upon the Idaho state police for such advice and assistance and the department shall render such cooperative service. Whenever in the opinion of the governor any peace officer of this state refuses to offer assistance when requested to do so, or refuses to perform any duty enjoined upon him by the penal statutes of this state, the governor shall direct the attorney general to commence action under chapter 41, title 19, Idaho Code, to remove such officer from office.
(3)  When in the judgment of the governor the penal laws of this state are not being enforced as written, in any county, or counties, in this state, he may direct the director of the Idaho state police to act independently of the sheriff and prosecuting attorney in such county, or counties, to execute and enforce such penal laws. In such an instance, the attorney general shall exclusively exercise all duties, rights and responsibilities of the prosecuting attorney.

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