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31-3201I.  distribution of payments in criminal and infraction cases.  When ordered by the court to make one (1) of the following payments in a criminal or infraction case, a defendant shall make the payment to the clerk of the court in which the judgment was entered. The judgment shall be satisfied accordingly by entry in the electronic docket of the court, and the clerk of the court shall remit daily all such payments to the county auditor who shall, at least monthly, distribute the payments received as required by statute. The distributions shall first completely satisfy the amounts due in the following order before distribution of payments for any other amounts owed to the court, and any payment applied to a category below in which more than one (1) payment was ordered shall be distributed in proportion to the relative amounts of such ordered payments:
(1)  Fees for each felony, misdemeanor, and infraction paid pursuant to section 31-3201A(2) and (3), Idaho Code;
(2)  Fines or reimbursements paid for the crime victims compensation account pursuant to section 72-1025, Idaho Code;
(3)  Misdemeanor probation supervision fees, including court-ordered costs and fees, paid pursuant to section 31-3201D, Idaho Code;
(4)  Pretrial release supervision fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201J, Idaho Code;
(5)  County drug and mental health fund fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201E, Idaho Code;
(6)  Fines paid for the peace officer and detention officer temporary disability fund pursuant to section 72-1105, Idaho Code;
(7)  Restitution to victims of crime paid and distributed pursuant to section 19-5304, Idaho Code, if paid through the clerk of the court;
(8)  Fines entered on behalf of victims in cases of crimes of violence paid pursuant to section 19-5307, Idaho Code;
(9)  Community service fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201C, Idaho Code;
(10) Victim notification fund fees paid pursuant to section 31-3204, Idaho Code;
(11) Court technology fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201(5), Idaho Code;
(12) Surcharge fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201H, Idaho Code;
(13) Peace officers standards and training fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201B, Idaho Code;
(14) Domestic violence court fees paid pursuant to section 32-1410, Idaho Code;
(15) Criminal and infraction fines;
(16) Reimbursement for public defender costs paid pursuant to section 19-854(7), Idaho Code;
(17) Costs of prosecution ordered as a condition of probation and paid pursuant to section 19-2601, Idaho Code, and Idaho criminal rule 33(d)(2);
(18) Domestic violence fines for the domestic violence project account paid pursuant to section 39-6312, Idaho Code;
(19) Drug hotline fees paid pursuant to section 37-2735A, Idaho Code;
(20) Additional fish and game fines for the search and rescue fund paid pursuant to section 36-1405, Idaho Code;
(21) County administrative surcharge fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201(3), Idaho Code;
(22) Motor vehicle violation surcharge fees and ignition interlock and electronic monitoring fees paid pursuant to sections 18-8008 and 18-8010, Idaho Code;
(23) Costs for toxicology testing paid pursuant to section 37-2732C(g), Idaho Code;
(24) Costs incurred by law enforcement agencies in investigating controlled substance violations pursuant to chapter 27, title 37, Idaho Code, violations of the racketeering act pursuant to section 18-7804, Idaho Code, or money laundering and illegal investment provisions of section 18-8201, Idaho Code, paid pursuant to section 37-2732(k), Idaho Code;
(25) Restitution for the repair or replacement of simulated wildlife paid pursuant to section 36-1101(b)(8), Idaho Code;
(26) Abandoned vehicle fees paid pursuant to section 31-3201F, Idaho Code; and
(27) Any other amounts paid pursuant to any statutory section not referenced in this section.

[31-3201I, added 2018, ch. 189, sec. 1, p. 414; am. 2019, ch. 217, sec. 2, p. 657; am. 2020, ch. 130, sec. 1, p. 414; am. 2020, ch. 281, sec. 4, p. 820.]

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