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31-3917.  Handling of district funds. (1) The tax receipts collected by the county as provided for in section 31-3916, Idaho Code, and other funds shall immediately be paid over by the county treasurer to the treasurer of the ambulance service district, who shall deposit the same in a bank and be handled in the manner prescribed by the state depository law, and all other funds received by or on behalf of the district shall be deposited by the treasurer to the credit of the district fund and shall be drawn upon voucher and by check bearing the signature of the treasurer and at least one (1) commissioner or, in the event that the treasurer is unavailable, checks may be signed by two (2) commissioners. Upon written resolution of the board, checks may be signed by designated representatives who have been bonded in amounts deemed appropriate by the board.
(2)  It is hereby made the duty of the treasurer of the ambulance service district to keep account of the district’s funds, to place to the credit of the district all moneys received by him from the collector of taxes or from any other officer charged with the collection of taxes as the proceeds of taxes levied by the ambulance service board of commissioners, or from any other sources, and of all other moneys belonging to the district, and to pay over all moneys belonging to the district on legally drawn warrants or orders of the district officers entitled to draw the same.
(3)  No checks or warrants shall be signed until it is determined that the payment has been legally authorized, that the money has been duly appropriated by the board, and that such appropriation has not been exhausted. No checks or warrants shall be drawn in excess of the moneys actually in the district treasury. Warrants may be issued in anticipation of a levy except as otherwise provided in this chapter. The district shall pay warrants presented for payment provided there is money in the treasury for that purpose.
(4)  All warrants for the payment of an indebtedness of an ambulance service district that are unpaid due to lack of funds shall bear interest at a rate to be fixed by the ambulance service board of commissioners from the date of the registering of such unpaid warrants with the treasurer. The dollar amount of the warrants shall not exceed the revenue provided for the year in which the indebtedness was incurred.

[31-3917, added 2020, ch. 209, sec. 15, p. 612.]

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