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31-406.  Hearing of contest. Said petition, with any such contesting lists and affidavits, shall be presented to the court, or to the judge thereof at chambers if the court is not in session, not less than ten (10) nor more than fifteen (15) days after the petition has been filed with the clerk. If any contest has been filed as herein provided, the court or judge shall set a date for hearing the same at a time not more than ten (10) days later. At the time set the court, or judge at chambers, shall hear all evidence for and against said petition, and shall strike from such petition all names proved by competent evidence to be fictitious and the names of persons having no legal right to sign the same, and also all names not legally signed thereto. In case there shall be no contest, or if the court or judge finds, after striking from said petition all names proved to be fictitious, and all names not legally signed thereto, that the petition still contains the number of qualified signers required by this act, the court or judge shall order an election according to the prayer of the petition. In case of contest, subpoena may be issued as in other cases. All cases of contest arising upon such petitions shall have precedence over all other cases.

[31-406, added 1933, ch. 135, sec. 6, p. 206.]

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