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31-4502.  Declaration of necessity and purpose — Liberal construction. (a) The legislature of the state of Idaho hereby finds:
(i)  that environmental damage seriously endangers the public health and welfare;
(ii)  that such environmental damage results from air, water, and other resource pollution and from public water supply, solid waste disposal, noise and other environmental problems;
(iii)  that to reduce, control and prevent such pollution and problems, quality standards have been established necessitating the employment of antipollution devices, equipment and facilities, and stringent time schedules have been and will be imposed for compliance with such standards;
(iv)  that it is desirable to provide methods of financing the costs of acquiring, constructing, installing and equipping facilities designed for environmental pollution control, including the acquisition of all technological facilities and equipment necessary or convenient for pollution control; and
(v)  that the method of financing provided in this act is therefore in the public interest and serves a public purpose in protecting and promoting the health and welfare of the citizens of this state by reducing, controlling and preventing environmental damage.
(b)  It is the purpose of this act, as more specifically described in later sections, to authorize counties to acquire, construct, install, equip, own, finance and lease environmental pollution control facilities, including the acquisition of all technological facilities and equipment necessary or convenient for pollution control, to be financed for, or to be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of to persons, associations or corporations other than municipal corporations or other political subdivisions, to the end that the counties may be able to promote the health and welfare of the people of this state; it is not intended by this act that any county shall itself be authorized to operate any industrial or commercial enterprise or any such environmental pollution control facilities.
(c)  This act shall be liberally construed to accomplish the intentions expressed herein.

[31-4502, added 1975, ch. 52, sec. 2, p. 105.]

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