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31-5303.  Powers and duties. The manager shall:
(1)  Have general supervision of the administrative functions of the county;
(2)  See that the ordinances, resolutions and contracts of the board of county commissioners are complied with and faithfully executed;
(3)  Furnish the board with information concerning the operations of county departments, boards or commissions, as necessary for the board to exercise its powers or as requested by the board and submit any other reports requested by the board or as he deems necessary;
(4)  Prepare and submit an annual budget for the county to the board of county commissioners. The manager shall be the county budget officer and shall be responsible for the performance of the duties of the county budget officer as provided in chapter 16, title 31, Idaho Code, and any other provisions of law imposing duties upon the county budget officer.
(5)  Keep the board fully advised of the financial condition and needs of the county;
(6)  Attend meetings of the board of county commissioners, take part in the discussions, but not vote, and recommend measures for adoption;
(7)  Exercise the executive authority of the county to appoint, supervise, suspend and remove county personnel and make nominations and appointments to advisory boards and committees;
(8)  Perform such other duties as the board may establish by ordinance or resolution.

[31-5303, added 1996, ch. 283, sec. 4, p. 929.]

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