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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


32-1206.  Judicial proceedings for income withholding. (1) A proceeding to enforce a duty of support is commenced:
(a)  By filing a petition or complaint for an original action; or
(b)  By motion in an existing action or under an existing case number.
(2)  Venue for the action is in the district court of the county where the dependent child resides or is present, where the obligor resides, or where the prior support order was entered. The petition or motion may be filed by the obligee, the state, or any agency providing care or support to the dependent child.
(3)  A filing fee shall not be assessed in cases brought on behalf of the state of Idaho.
(4)  A petition or motion shall include a sworn statement by the obligee, stating the facts authorizing the issuance of the income withholding order, pursuant to section 32-1204 or 32-1205, Idaho Code, and:
(a)  The name, address, and social security number of the obligor;
(b)  A copy of the support order;
(c)  The name and address of the obligor’s employer;
(d)  The amount of any delinquency; and
(e)  In cases not filed by the state, whether the obligee has received public assistance from any source on behalf of the minor child, and, if so, from which source(s).
(5)  Upon receipt of a petition or motion, the court shall issue an income withholding order pursuant to section 32-1204 or 32-1205, Idaho Code, to the employer utilizing the required income withholding for support form and shall provide a form for an answer to the income withholding order which shall be returned to the court within ten (10) days. The court shall also order the employer to remit the amount withheld to the department of health and welfare within seven (7) business days after the date the amount would have been paid or credited to the obligor. The department shall supply each county with the required income withholding for support form and answers that comply with the rules promulgated by the department, and which include:
(a)  The maximum amount of current support, if any, to be withheld from the obligor’s earnings each month, or from each earnings disbursement;
(b)  The total amount of the arrearage or reimbursement judgment previously entered by the court, if any, together with interest, if any; and
(c)  The amount of arrearage payments specified in the support order, if any.
(6)  If the petition or motion indicates the obligee has received public assistance from any source on behalf of a minor child, the clerk shall immediately forward a copy of the petition or the motion to the department.
(7)  The court retains continuing jurisdiction under this chapter until all duties of support of the obligor, including any delinquency, have been satisfied or until the order is otherwise unenforceable.

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