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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-1103.  Definitions — Bonds — Limitation on amount — Elections to authorize issuance. (1) For the purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall have the meanings specified: "Market value for assessment purposes" means the amount of the last preceding equalized assessment of all taxable property and all property exempt from taxation pursuant to section 63-602G, Idaho Code, within the school district on the tax rolls completed and available as of the date of approval by the electorate in the school bond election. "Aggregate outstanding indebtedness" means the total sum of unredeemed outstanding bonds, minus all moneys in the bond interest and redemption fund or funds accumulated for the redemption of such outstanding bonds, and minus the sum of all taxes levied for the redemption of such bonds, with the exception of that portion of such tax levies required for the payment of interest on bonds, which taxes remain uncollected. "Issue," "issued," or "issuance" means a formal delivery of bonds to any purchaser thereof and payment therefor to the school district.
(2)  The board of trustees of any school district, upon approval of a majority thereof, may submit to the qualified school district electors of the district the question as to whether the board shall be empowered to issue negotiable coupon bonds of the district in an amount and for a period of time to be named in the notice of election.
(3)  An elementary school district which employs not less than six (6) teachers, or a school district operating an elementary school or schools, and a secondary school or schools, or issuing bonds for the acquisition of a secondary school or schools, may issue bonds in an amount not to exceed five percent (5%) of the market value for assessment purposes thereof, less the aggregate outstanding indebtedness; and no other school district shall issue bonds in an amount to exceed at any time two percent (2%) of the market value for assessment purposes thereof less the aggregate outstanding indebtedness. The market value for assessment purposes, the aggregate outstanding indebtedness and the unexhausted debt-incurring power of the district shall each be determined as of the date of approval by the electors in the school bond election.
(4)  Notice of the bond election shall be given, the election shall be conducted and the returns thereof canvassed, and the qualifications of electors voting or offering to vote shall be, as provided in title 34, Idaho Code.
(5)  The question shall be approved only if the percentage of votes cast at such election were cast in favor thereof is that which now, or may hereafter be, set by the constitution of the state of Idaho. Upon such approval of the issuance of bonds, the same may be issued at any time after the date of such election.

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