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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-1506.  Inspection of school buses. All school buses shall at all times conform to the standards of construction prescribed therefor by the state board of education.
Before any newly acquired school bus is used for transporting pupils it shall be inspected by a duly authorized representative of the state department of education, and if, upon inspection, it conforms to prescribed standards of construction, or such other standards prescribed by law or regulation, it may be used for transporting pupils; otherwise, no such school bus shall be used for that purpose.
The board of trustees of each school district shall provide for an annual inspection of all school buses by district personnel or upon contract at intervals of not more than twelve (12) months. The district, over the signature of the superintendent, shall file with the state department of education its report of inspection of the school buses operated by the authority of the school district. At intervals of not more than sixty (60) days during each school year the board of trustees shall cause inspection to be made of all school buses operating under the authority of the board. In addition, the state department of education shall conduct random, spot inspections of school buses throughout the school year.
Whenever any school bus is found, upon inspection, to be deficient in any of the prescribed standards, or is found in any way to be unsafe or unfit for the transportation of pupils, such vehicle shall be withdrawn from service and shall not be returned to service until the district certifies the necessary repairs have been made.

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