Idaho Statutes

33-1616.  literacy intervention. (1) Each school district and public charter school shall establish an extended time literacy intervention program for students who score basic or below basic on the fall reading screening assessments or alternate reading screening assessment in kindergarten through grade 3 and submit it to the state board of education.
(2)  The program shall provide:
(a)  Proven effective research based substantial intervention and shall include phonemic awareness, decoding intervention, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency as applicable to the student based on a formative assessment designed to, at a minimum, identify such weaknesses;
(b)  May include online or digital instructional materials or programs or library resources and must include parent input and be in alignment with the Idaho comprehensive literacy plan;
(c)  A minimum of sixty (60) hours of supplemental instruction for students in kindergarten through grade 3 who score below basic on the reading screening assessment; and
(d)  A minimum of thirty (30) hours of supplemental instruction for students in kindergarten through grade 3 who score basic on the reading screening assessment.
(3)  Of the funds appropriated for the purpose of this section, no more than one hundred dollars ($100) per student may be used for transportation costs.
(4)  For the purpose of program reimbursement, the state department of education shall adopt reporting forms, establish reporting dates, and adopt such additional guidelines and standards as necessary to accomplish the program goals that every child will read fluently and comprehend printed text on grade level by the end of the third grade.
(5)  To ensure students receive high quality literacy instruction and intervention, the state department of education shall provide professional development to districts and schools on best practices supporting literacy instruction as outlined in the state board of education approved "Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Plan." Intervention program participation and effectiveness by school and district shall be presented annually to the state board, the legislature and the governor.
(6)  The state board of education shall promulgate rules implementing the provisions of this section. At a minimum, such rules shall include student trajectory growth to proficiency benchmarks and a timeline for reaching such benchmarks.

[33-1616, added 2016, ch. 186, sec. 7, p. 508.]

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