Idaho Statutes

33-1630.  elementary and secondary education act flexibility document — state board of and state department of education duties. (1) The state board of education shall promulgate rules setting forth the provisions of the flexibility document associated with the federal elementary and secondary education act (ESEA). The purpose of the document is to achieve flexibility for state and local education agencies (LEA). Such document shall include testing for grades 3 through 8 and once in high school at the minimum. Such document shall include the following:
(a)  A testing schedule for pupils in grade 11 who shall take a college or career ready assessment;
(b)  A provision stating that LEAs may conduct additional formative or pre- and post-testing as needed;
(c)  A provision stating that federal testing requirements may be used as graduation criteria;
(d)  A provision stating that the state education agency will select an appropriate statewide test based on, at a minimum, such elements as adherence to Idaho’s content standards for learning, cost and duration or type, i.e., written or computer adaptive; and
(e)  A provision for maintenance of a statewide learning management system of reporting for the support of LEAs that maximizes communication, collaboration and mastery of academic content. Reporting in this section is intended to satisfy the minimum federal requirements of the consolidated state performance report (CSPR) and serve as a tool for LEAs to measure individual growth or achievement and system accountability.
(2)  The state department of education shall begin to review the Idaho’s standards for learning of math and English language arts (ELA) in 2015. Idaho’s content standards of learning are intended to reinforce our commitment to maintaining a college and career ready standard.

[33-1630, added 2015, ch. 315, sec. 1, p. 1231.]

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