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33-1809.  accountability and continuous improvement. (1) In recognition of the critical role leadership plays in creating a culture in our schools around continuous improvement, it is the intent of the legislature to provide local school boards of trustees and charter school boards of directors with the resources necessary to work effectively with school leadership to set goals and growth targets.
(2)  All newly elected or appointed board members shall participate in at least one (1) board member orientation focused on:
(a)  State and school district or charter school resources available for literacy intervention and improvements;
(b)  School, district, and state level data available to track progress on student literacy proficiency and growth toward proficiency; and
(c)  How to set measurable goals for improving student proficiency.
(3)  Every board of trustee member or charter school director shall participate in the literacy intervention orientation and training by June 30, 2023, or as provided by the state board of education thereafter.
(4)  School district and charter schools shall set annual literacy proficiency and growth targets for students in kindergarten through grade 3.
(5)  Literacy proficiency and growth targets shall align with the continuous improvement plan goals and targets of the school district or charter school and the framework for schools to achieve statewide literacy growth targets. Goal-setting and growth targets shall be based on comparisons between similar cohorts of students in similar school buildings and school districts.
(6)  There shall be a statewide dashboard available for school personnel, parents, the governor, and the legislature to use to view progress toward the school’s literacy proficiency and growth targets and statewide progress toward the statewide literacy growth targets set by the state board of education. Information shall be available by school level based on like cohorts of students in similar schools and school districts.

[33-1809, added 2021, ch. 292, sec. 5, p. 879.]

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