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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2145.  procedures to prevent the spread of infectious disease. (1) The board of trustees of each community college must adopt a policy for measures and procedures to prevent the spread of contagious or infectious disease, including temporary closure of the college or any of its buildings or campuses. Such policy must be adopted in consultation with the district health department of any public health district in which the college offers in-person classes. Notwithstanding any law or rule to the contrary, once such policy is adopted, only the board of trustees, acting in accordance with the policy, has the authority to close a community college or any of its buildings or campuses, to limit its programs or activities, or to require other measures at the college for the purpose of preventing the spread of contagious or infectious disease.
(2)  A community college board of trustees or a community college acting in accordance with a policy adopted pursuant to this section may not be held to violate any order issued by the department of health and welfare pursuant to section 56-1003(7), Idaho Code; a district board of health pursuant to section 39-414(2), Idaho Code; or a city pursuant to section 50-304, Idaho Code.

[33-2145, added 2021, ch. 15, sec. 2, p. 37.]

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