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33-2614.  Petition for establishment. Any two (2) or more library boards may petition the board of library commissioners for the establishment of a regional system. Such petition shall be prepared in cooperation with the state librarian, on forms provided by the commission for libraries, and shall include but shall not be limited to the following information:
(1)  A statement of purpose and an outline of the proposed program of the regional system.
(2)  A list of the participating libraries, with a listing of the current tax levy and budget of each such participant; the names and addresses of the members of each library board, and a letter or resolution from each such board regarding participation in the regional system.
(3)  A list of the counties in the geographic region as a whole, the number of persons who are within taxing districts supporting existing libraries, and the number of persons outside such districts but within a county in the region, and thus potentially eligible for service from the regional system being established.
(4)  Proposed number of persons to be on the initial system board of directors.
(5)  Proposed headquarters for the regional system, accompanied by a copy of a resolution by the governing authority for that library approving its designation as headquarters and, if a member of the staff of the headquarters is to be the administrator of the system, including approval of such designation.
The board of library commissioners shall consider any petition presented to it as provided in this act, and if it approves such petition it shall adopt a resolution officially designating such particular regional library system, describing the territory thereof, and designating the headquarters and the initial number of directors for the system board.

[(33-2614) 1974, ch. 74, sec. 3, p. 1156; am. & redesig. 1993, ch. 186, sec. 15, p. 473; am. 2006, ch. 235, sec. 12, p. 705.]

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