Idaho Statutes

33-2616.  Powers and duties of the system board. The system board shall serve as a liaison agency between the participating libraries and their governing bodies and library boards. The system board shall make such bylaws, rules and regulations as may be necessary for its own government and that of the regional system, none of which shall deprive any participating library board of any of its powers or property.
The system board shall have the following powers and responsibilities, all of which relate to the functioning of the regional system and the management and control of its funds and property;
(1)  To develop a long-range plan of service for the regional system, and annually to submit to the board of library commissioners any changes in said long-range plan, and a detailed plan of proposed system development and service for the following year.
(2)  To provide improved library service for residents of the regional system, in cooperation with participating libraries, and to this end to purchase books and other library materials, supplies and equipment, for the system services, and to employ such personnel as the system board finds necessary.
(3)  To set the administrator’s hours and rate of compensation for regional system duties, and to delegate such administrative powers as the board deems in the best interest of the system.
(4)  To enter into contracts to receive service from or to give service to other libraries, or agencies, within the state or interstate, and to file copies of such contracts with the board of library commissioners.
(5)  To be a public corporation, as is provided for library districts, and to contract in the name of the "Board of directors of the …. regional library system, Idaho" and in that name to sue and be sued and to take any action authorized by law.
(6)  To acquire by purchase, lease, or otherwise, and to own and hold real and personal property and to construct buildings for the use of the regional system, and to sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of property real or personal when no longer required by the system, and to insure the real and personal property of the system.
(7)  To have control of the expenditure of all funds of the regional system, to accept by gift or donation any funds and real or personal property under such terms as may be a condition of the gift.
(8)  To exercise such other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for the effective use and management of the regional system.

[(33-2616) 1974, ch. 74, sec. 5, p. 1156; am. & redesig. 1993, ch. 186, sec. 17, p. 474; am. 2006, ch. 235, sec. 13, p. 706.]

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