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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2702.  Definitions. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Administrative only district" is a library district that does not serve the public directly and has no direct service outlets or collections, but which contracts with other library entities to provide various public library services.
(2)  "City library" means a library established by a city ordinance and operating under the provisions of chapter 26, title 33, Idaho Code.
(3)  "Home county" means the county where the designated district headquarters is located when a public library district’s boundaries include territory located in more than one (1) county.
(4)  "Library director" or "library director team" means an employee or group of employees of a public library district charged with the administration and management of library services for that district.
(5)  "Public library district trustee" means a qualified elector living within the boundaries of a public library district who is elected or appointed temporarily to fulfill the duties described in this chapter related to the governance of a public library district.
(6)  "Public library service" means the provision of planned collections of materials and information services provided by a library established under the provisions of chapter 26 or 27, title 33, Idaho Code, and paid for primarily through tax support provided under these statutes. These services shall be provided at a facility, accessible to the public at regularly scheduled hours and set aside for this purpose. The services shall be governed by a citizen board appointed or elected for this purpose and shall be administered and operated by paid staff who have received appropriate training in library skills and management. The services shall meet standards established by the board of library commissioners.
(7)  "Qualified elector" means any person voting, or offering to vote, at an election to create a library district, add territory thereto, or elect trustees thereof. A qualified elector must be, at the time of the election, a resident of the area involved for thirty (30) days prior to the date of the election, registered and an elector within the meaning of section 2, article VI, of the Constitution of the state of Idaho.

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