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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2720.  Powers and duties of the board of trustees. (1) The board of trustees of each library district shall have the following powers and duties consistent with the laws of the state of Idaho:
(a)  To establish bylaws for its own government;
(b)  To establish policies for the administration, operation and use of the library or libraries under its control;
(c)  To employ and evaluate a library director or library director team to administer the library;
(d)  To create job descriptions, personnel policies, and compensation packages for library personnel;
(e)  To establish an annual budget and to oversee the financial management of the library district;
(f)  To establish and locate libraries, branch libraries or stations to serve the district and to provide suitable rooms, structures, facilities, furniture, apparatus and appliances necessary for the conduct thereof;
(g)  To acquire by purchase, devise, lease, or otherwise, and to own and hold real and personal property and to construct buildings for the use and purposes of the library district, and to sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of property real or personal, when no longer required by the district, and to insure the real and personal property of the district;
(h)  To accept gifts of real or personal property for the use and purposes of the library district;
(i)  To establish policies for the purchase and distribution of library materials;
(j)  To issue warrants, if used, in the manner specified for the issuance of warrants by school districts;
(k)  To invest any funds of the district in accordance with the public depository law and other applicable state and federal laws;
(l)  To pay actual and necessary expenses of members of the library staff when on business of the district;
(m)  To see to the proper conduct of library district elections;
(n)  To maintain legal records of all board business;
(o)  To exercise other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for the effective use and management of the library.
(2)  Individual trustees shall have no authority to make decisions about the policies of the library except as specifically authorized by the board.
(3)  It shall be the duty of each trustee to attend all board meetings and committee meetings for committees to which he or she has been assigned.

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