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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


33-2728.  Bond election. (1) The purposes for which bonds may be issued shall be: To acquire, purchase, or improve a library site or sites; to build a library or libraries, or other building or buildings; to demolish or remove buildings; to add to, remodel or repair any existing building; to furnish and equip any building or buildings, including all facilities and appliances necessary to maintain and operate the buildings of the library; and to purchase motor vehicles for use as bookmobiles.
The library district may issue bonds in an amount not to exceed one percent (1%) of the market value for assessment purposes of property within the district, less any aggregate outstanding indebtedness.
The board of trustees of any library district, upon approval of a majority thereof, may call a bond election on the question as to whether the board shall be empowered to issue bonds of the district in an amount and for a period of time to be stated in the notice of election. The notice of bond elections, the qualification of bond electors, the conduct of the election, and the canvass of election and determination of the result of election shall be in accordance with chapter 14, title 34, Idaho Code, and with the general election laws of the state of Idaho. Provided however, that any such election conducted pursuant to this section shall be held on election day in the month of May or November as provided for in section 34-106(1), Idaho Code. The majority required to pass a bond issue shall be two-thirds (2/3) of those voting in the election. The issuance of bonds, the expenditure of bond proceeds and the repayment of the bonds shall all be as specified in school district law.
(2)  District library bond funds may not be used to purchase or expand a building for a contracting agency providing library services unless the district library gains an ownership share in the building proportional to the percentage of district bond funds used to purchase or expand the building.

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