Idaho Statutes

33-3304.  Appropriation for the department of education at Idaho State University. Fifty percent (50%) of all the moneys that now are in or which may hereafter accrue to the normal school income fund are hereby appropriated and set apart for the support and maintenance of the department of education at Idaho State University, the same to be available for such purpose immediately upon their being credited to the fund. Should the legislature, by adoption of a concurrent resolution in both houses, approve a memorandum of understanding negotiated by the Idaho department of parks and recreation between the city of Albion and other public or private agencies interested in cooperative management of an Albion Normal School Field Institute within an Albion State Normal School state park complex, the percentage share for the department of education at Idaho State University shall be reduced from fifty percent (50%) to forty-seven percent (47%). In the event that the memorandum of understanding is not approved, section 33-3305, Idaho Code, shall apply.

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