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36-405.  Application for license — Duplicate license — Unlawful purchase, possession, and use of license. (a) Application Required.
1.  Any person making application for a senior resident license, or resident license shall provide his Idaho driver’s license number as proof of residence, or in the case of nondrivers, other suitable proof of residency, and state the class of license applied for, the name of the applicant, the age of the applicant, his date of birth, his length of residence, his current address, and such other information as may be required by the director.
2.  Any person making application for a duplicate license shall state the type and class of license originally purchased and such other information as may be required by the director.
3.  No person shall willfully make a false statement as to:
(A)  Name, age, his date of birth, length of residence or current address when such statement is made for the purpose of obtaining any license.
(B)  Type and class of original license purchased when applying for a duplicate license.
(b)  Loss of License — New One Required. In case of loss of a license, a new one shall be required to entitle the person who lost the same to hunt, fish or trap. Such person may upon application:
1.  Purchase a new license at the regular fee; or
2.  Replace a lost license with a duplicate license for which a fee as specified in section 36-416, Idaho Code, shall be charged.
3.  When a duplicate license has been issued the original license shall become null and void.
(c)  Unlawful Purchase, Possession and Use of License.
1.  Every person buying a license must buy a license of the proper type or class according to his residence and age. No person shall purchase or possess a license of the wrong class and such license shall be void and of no effect from the date of issuance.
2.  No person shall:
(A)  Acquire more than one (1) regular controlled hunt permit per species or more tags per species than the commission has set a bag limit for that species except as provided in subsection (b) of this section or to have said permits or tags in his possession.
(B)  Transfer any fishing, hunting, or trapping license to any other person or for any person to make use of such license issued to any other person with the exception of a parent or grandparent designating any controlled hunt tag or controlled hunt permit to his or her minor child or grandchild as prescribed by rules of the commission. A controlled hunt tag or controlled hunt permit can be designated only to a minor child with a valid hunting license or one who is participating in a mentored hunting program as prescribed by rules of the commission. A controlled hunt tag or controlled hunt permit designated to a minor child cannot be sold.

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