Idaho Statutes

36-902.  Unlawful fishing methods — Destruction of fish prohibited — Exceptions. Except as may be otherwise permitted by law or commission rule or proclamation no person shall:
(a)  Destructive Substances. Deposit, throw, place, allow or cause to pass into any of the waters of this state any deleterious drugs, toxicants, chemicals, poisonous substances, explosives, electrical current, or other material which may tend to destroy, kill, disable, or drive away fish.
(b)  Mills. Operate any sawmill, reduction works or quartz mill upon any natural stream course or lake without having first constructed a proper dam for settling purposes as approved by the director.
(c)  Net, Spear. Catch, attempt to catch or kill any species of fish whatever in any of the streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs or waters of this state with any seine, net, spear, snag hook, weir, fence, basket, trap, gill net, dip net, trammel net or any other contrivance.
(d)  Minnows. Take, transport, use or have in possession minnows, fish or the young of any fish or parts thereof for bait or to release in any manner live minnows, fish or the young of any fish into the waters of this state.
(e)  Chumming. Deposit or distribute any substance not attached to a hook for the purpose of attracting fish. Salmon eggs or other spawn may be used for bait only when attached to a hook on a line and fished in the conventional manner.
(f)  Penalty. Any person convicted of any violation of any of the provisions of this section shall: for subsections (a) and (b), be fined in a sum of not less than one hundred fifty dollars ($150) for each offense, and/or by commitment to jail for a period of not more than six (6) months; for subsection (c), not less than fifty dollars ($50.00), and/or by commitment to jail for a period of not more than six (6) months; for subsections (d) and (e), as provided in section 36-1402, Idaho Code.

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