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39-1106.  Issuance of license — Renewal. (1) Upon receipt of the application, inspection certificates and the criminal history, the department shall, upon a finding of compliance with the minimum standards set forth in this chapter, issue a basic daycare license to the applicant. The license shall be valid for two (2) years and shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the daycare facility.
(2)  The department shall send a renewal application to the owner of the daycare facility no later than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of an existing license. The owner shall submit to the department the renewal application with the required renewal fee and a criminal history check prior to the expiration of the existing license. A complete criminal history check shall be provided for any new persons requiring a criminal history check in accordance with section 39-1105, Idaho Code. A limited criminal history check shall be provided for those persons eighteen (18) years of age or older who where [were] previously checked. The limited criminal history check shall include:
(a)  Statewide criminal identification bureau;
(b)  National crime information center; and
(c)  Statewide child abuse registry.
(3)  Criminal history checks on those persons under eighteen (18) years of age shall include a check of the juvenile justice records of adjudications of the magistrate division of the district court, county probation services and department records as authorized by the minor and his parent or guardian.
(4)  The department shall maintain a list of all licensees for public use.
(5)  Submission of a renewal application, fee and required criminal history check shall entitle the daycare facility owner to continue daycare services, subject to action by the department pursuant to section 39-1113, Idaho Code.

[39-1106, added 1987, ch. 56, sec. 1, p. 94; am. 1992, ch. 90, sec. 2, p. 279; am. 2009, ch. 295, sec. 6, p. 875.]

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