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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-2411.  Persons, activities or entities not subject to regulation under this chapter. The following are not subject to regulation for the purposes of this chapter:
(1)  A family member;
(2)  An organization that provides only meal service in a person’s residence;
(3)  Entities furnishing durable medical equipment that does not involve the delivery of professional services beyond those necessary to set up and monitor the proper functioning of the equipment and educate the user on its proper use;
(4)  A professional licensed person who independently provides services in the home;
(5)  An employee or volunteer of an agency who provides nonprofessional services only as an employee or volunteer;
(6)  Facilities and institutions including, but not limited to, nursing homes, hospitals, boarding homes, developmental disability residential programs, or other facilities and institutions, only when providing services to persons residing within the facility or institution if the delivery of the services is regulated by the state;
(7)  Nursing homes, hospitals, or other institutions, agencies, organizations, or persons that contract with licensed home health, hospice, or home care agencies for the delivery of services;
(8)  In-home assessments by licensed professionals of an ill, disabled, or infirm person’s ability to adapt to the home environment that does not result in regular ongoing care at home by that licensed professional;
(9)  Services conducted by and for the adherents of a church or religious denomination that rely upon spiritual means alone through prayer for healing in accordance with the tenets’ beliefs genuinely held by such adherents;
(10) A medicare approved dialysis center operating a medicare approved home dialysis program;
(11) Case management services which do not include the direct delivery of home health, hospice, or home care services;
(12) A medicare certified hospice agency; and
(13) A state authorized personal assistance agency or personal assistant as defined in chapter 56, title 39, Idaho Code.

[39-2411, added 1992, ch. 56, sec. 2, p. 166; am. 2000, ch. 274, sec. 8, p. 808.]

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