Idaho Statutes

39-2608.  Short-term storage. (1) A short-term storage facility may be used for the storage of nonaerial common fireworks for a period of sixty (60) days prior to, and fifteen (15) days after, any authorized retail sales date. The authority having jurisdiction shall be notified of the address or location of all short-term storage facilities when fireworks will not be stored in a temporary fireworks stand. If the short-term storage facility is not within the boundaries of the jurisdiction having issued the retail sales permit the permittee shall notify the authority having jurisdiction where the storage is to take place.
(2)  Short-term storage is allowed in any of the following, provided it is locked or otherwise secured: a temporary fireworks stand, truck, trailer, or other vehicle. A truck, trailer or other vehicle used for short-term storage must remain at least twenty-five (25) feet from the stand during any time the stand is open for business, but may abut the stand when it is closed. A truck, trailer or vehicle used for short-term storage must be at least twenty-five (25) feet from any other inhabited building. Short-term storage may occur in a locked or secured shed, garage, barn or other building or storage container which is detached from an inhabited building and contains no open flames, including heating and lighting sources. The authority having jurisdiction may, in its discretion, allow short-term storage to occur in an attached garage with a one (1) hour fire wall separating the garage from any inhabited area.

[39-2608, added 1997, ch. 246, sec. 2, p. 714.]

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