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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-3131.  behavioral health Services to be offered.  The regional behavioral health center shall provide or arrange for the delivery of services that, combined with community family support and recovery support services provided through the regional behavioral health boards, medicaid and services delivered through a private provider network, will lead to the establishment of a comprehensive regional behavioral health system of care that incorporates patient choice and family involvement to the extent reasonably practicable and medically and professionally appropriate. The regional behavioral health center shall provide or arrange for the delivery of the following services:
(1)  Treatment services for individuals who do not have other benefits available to meet their behavioral health needs as resources allow including, but not limited to, psychiatric services, medication management, rehabilitative and community-based services, outpatient and intensive outpatient services, assertive community treatment, case management and residential care;
(2)  Community family support and recovery support services as defined in section 39-3135(7), Idaho Code, until the regional behavioral health board can meet the initial readiness criteria and voluntarily accepts responsibility for these services or if the regional behavioral health board fails to sustain criteria to maintain responsibility for these services;
(3)  Evaluation and intervention for individuals experiencing a behavioral health emergency;
(4)  Hospital precare and postcare services, in cooperation with state and community psychiatric hospitals, for individuals who have been committed to the custody of the director of health and welfare pursuant to sections 18-212 and 66-329, Idaho Code, or who are under an involuntary treatment order pursuant to chapter 24, title 16, Idaho Code;
(5)  Evaluation and securing mental health treatment services as ordered by a court for individuals pursuant to section 19-2524, 20-511A or 20-519B, Idaho Code; and
(6)  Evaluation and securing treatment services for individuals who are accepted into mental health courts.

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