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39-3501.  Legislative intent and declaration. The purpose of a certified family home in Idaho is to provide a homelike alternative designed to allow individuals to remain in a more normal family-styled living environment, usually within their own community. Certified family homes provide a home to individuals who are elderly, individuals with a mental illness, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities or to those unable to live alone, and whose mental, emotional and physical condition can be met by the care provider to delay the need for more expensive congregate care or other institutional care. The home must obtain a waiver under section 39-1301A, Idaho Code, to care for two (2) persons requiring care described in section 39-1301(b), Idaho Code.
It is the intent of the legislature that certified family homes be available to meet the needs of those residing in these homes while providing a more homelike environment focused on integrated community living rather than other more restrictive environments and by recognizing the capabilities of individuals to direct their own care.
The certified family home shall be operated by a provider who has demonstrated the knowledge and experience required to provide safe and appropriate services to each resident of the certified family home. The provider shall protect each resident’s rights and provide appropriate services to meet each resident’s needs. For those residents whose care is not paid with public funds, the certified family home shall conduct an objective, individualized assessment to determine resident needs, develop a comprehensive negotiated plan of service to meet those needs, deliver appropriate services to meet resident needs and ensure resident rights are honored.
The department is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the provisions of this chapter. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to: monitoring the condition of the certified family home, ensuring that each resident has an individualized written plan of care that includes activities of daily living and support services, and managing enforcement procedures when violations occur.

[39-3501, added 2005, ch. 280, sec. 34, p. 899.]

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