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39-3505.  Rules. The board shall have the power and it shall be its duty to promulgate appropriate rules necessary to implement and enforce the standards for certified family homes pursuant to this act including, but not limited to, the following:
(1)  A home shall be certified for no more than two (2) adults, however, upon an application by the owner and upon a finding by the department that residents can be cared for safely and appropriately based on the residents’ specific needs, the department may authorize not more than four (4) adults to be placed in a certified family home which is owner-occupied and which applies to the department for the authorization. Certification as a four (4) resident certified family home shall not be transferable to another person or entity. Four (4) resident certified family homes shall be subject to all statutes and rules governing certified family homes but shall not be subject to the residential care facility administrator licensing requirements of chapter 42, title 54, Idaho Code, or section 39-3340, Idaho Code, licensing of residential care or assisted living facilities for individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities or physical disabilities. This provision implementing four (4) resident certified family homes shall be effective on July 1, 2001. The department shall promulgate rules for four (4) resident certified family homes through the negotiated rulemaking process. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize increased group size for providers of any form of care other than certified family homes.
(2)  A care provider is the adult who has applied to be the care provider and who is responsible for client care and following the laws and rules of the certified family home program.
(3)  A home cannot be approved as certified for family home care if it also provides room and board for other persons. A waiver may be granted by the department where a married couple wishes to live together in the same certified family home and one (1) member of the couple does not require certified family home care.
(4)  A home cannot be approved as a certified family home and for child foster care at the same time, unless a waiver is granted by the department.
(5)  The care provider must have sufficient resources to maintain the home and the services offered.
(6)  Information obtained by the care provider shall be held confidential except to representatives of the department to provide services or determine compliance with this chapter or upon consent of the individual or his legal guardian.
(7)  Recordkeeping and reporting requirements as may be deemed necessary.
(8)  Requirements to assure the safety and adequate care of residents to include the recording of incidents and accidents.
(9)  Management of medications.
(10) Inspections. The certifying agency may inspect and investigate certified family homes as necessary to determine compliance with this chapter and the department’s rules.
(11) Revocation of certification or other enforcement actions.

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