Idaho Statutes

39-3613.  Creation of basin advisory groups. The director, in consultation with the designated agencies, shall name, for each of the state’s major river basins, no less than one (1) basin advisory group which shall generally advise the director on water quality objectives for each basin and work in a cooperative manner with the director to achieve these objectives. Each such group shall establish by majority vote, operating procedures to guide the work of the group. Members shall be compensated pursuant to section 59-509(c), Idaho Code. The membership of each basin advisory group shall be representative of the industries and interests directly affected by the implementation of water quality programs within the basin and each member of the group shall either reside within the basin or represent persons with a real property interest within the basin. Recognized groups representing those industries or interests in the basin may nominate members of the group to the director. Each basin advisory group named by the director shall reflect a balanced representation of the interests in the basin and shall, where appropriate, include a representative from each of the following: agriculture, mining, nonmunicipal point source discharge permittees, forest products, local government, livestock, Indian tribes (for areas within reservation boundaries), water-based recreation, and environmental interests. In addition, the director shall name one (1) person to represent the public at large who may reside outside the basin. Members named to the basin advisory groups shall, in the opinion of the director, have demonstrated interest or expertise which will be of benefit to the work of the basin advisory group. The director may also name as may be needed those who have expertise necessary to assist in the work of the basin advisory group who shall serve as technical nonvoting advisers to the basin advisory group.

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