Idaho Statutes

39-3629.  Wastewater facility loan account established. There is hereby created and established in the agency asset fund in the state treasury an account to be known as the wastewater facility loan account. Surplus moneys in the wastewater facility loan account shall be invested by the state treasurer in the manner provided for idle state moneys in the state treasury under section 67-1210, Idaho Code. Interest received on all such investments shall be paid into the wastewater facility loan account. The account shall have paid into it:
1.  Federal funds which are received by the state to provide for wastewater facility loans together with required state matching funds coming from a portion of the moneys in the water pollution control account as established in section 39-3628, Idaho Code;
2.  All donations and grants from any source which may be used for the provisions of this section;
3.  All principal and interest repayments of loans made pursuant to this chapter;
4.  Fund transfers from the drinking water loan account; and
5.  Any other moneys which may hereafter be provided by law.

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