Idaho Statutes

39-3637.  State board of environmental quality — Rules — Inspection. The state board of environmental quality shall adopt reasonable rules and standards for the installation and operation of cottage site sewage treatment facilities, and shall provide adequate inspection services so as not to delay unreasonably the construction of any lessee. Duplicate originals of all certificates issued by the director of the department of environmental quality shall be filed with the director of the department issuing a cottage site lease.
The director of the department of environmental quality shall maintain a site by site inventory of such sewage disposal systems that may exist. The inventory shall ascertain:
(1)  If the existing system meets the board standards. If the system meets all standards and rules for cottage sewage disposal systems a certificate shall be issued immediately.
(2)  If the system does not meet the board standards. In such case, the lessee shall be advised in writing of the actions necessary to meet the proper standards. A copy of such report shall be filed with the state agency granting the lease. The modifications, unless specifically exempted from the time limit, as provided in sections 39-3634 through 39-3637, Idaho Code, shall be completed within two (2) years of the date of the written notice.

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