Idaho Statutes

39-3639.  Continuation of cottage site lease program. (1) The legislature of the state of Idaho recognizes that certain state lands are presently leased for cottage site uses and are subject to leases and contracts duly authorized by law. It is legislative intent to continue to recognize such leases. However, it is also legislative intent that no new or additional lands be platted, subdivided or leased for cottage site leases, unless and until the condition and precedents listed below have been met.
(2)  No additional state lands shall be further platted or subdivided, nor any new cottage site leases entered into, unless and until the following provisions have been met:
(a)  The department of lands shall have completed a comprehensive planning process, as to its further participation in, and extension of, the cottage site lease program;
(b)  The department of lands shall complete a comprehensive planning process as to the extension of cottage site leasing for that immediate geographic area;
(c)  No new cottage site leases shall be entered into unless and until an adequate water system and an adequate sewage collection and treatment system have been installed. Both of these systems shall meet applicable state health standards and rules. (i) The costs for providing these systems shall be incorporated into the annual lease rates for the newly created serviced lots, unless other specific provisions for payment have been required by the state board of land commissioners. (ii) As an alternate means of securing the necessary funds for the construction of water and sewer systems which must meet state standards and rules, the state board of land commissioners may include as a condition of the new lease the requirement that the lessee must prepay his share of the construction costs of the water and sewer system. In all cases, however, such prepayment shall be made, and adequate water and sewer systems shall be installed and in operation before such cottage sites may be inhabited.
(3)  The provisions of subsection (1) herein shall not apply to unimproved lots within cottage subdivisions in which at least eighty per cent (80%) of the lots already have cottages upon them.

[(39-3639) I.C., sec. 39-3613, as added by 1975, ch. 128, sec. 1, p. 280; am. and redesig. 1995, ch. 352, sec. 23, p. 1192.]

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