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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-423.  Budget committee of public health district. The chairmen of the boards of county commissioners located within the public health district are hereby constituted as the budget committee of the public health district.
The district board will submit to the budget committee by the first Monday in June of each year the preliminary budget for the public health district and the estimated cost to each county, as determined by the provisions of section 39-424, Idaho Code.
On or before the first Monday in July, there will be held at a time and place determined by the budget committee a budget committee meeting and public hearing upon the proposed budget of the district. Notice of the budget committee meeting and public hearing shall be posted at least ten (10) full days prior to the date of said meeting in at least one (1) conspicuous place in each public health district to be determined by the district board of health. A copy of such notice shall also be published in the official newspaper or a generally circulated newspaper of each county of such public health district, in one (1) issue thereof, during such ten (10) day period. The place, hour and day of such hearing shall be specified in said notice, as well as the place where such budget may be examined prior to such hearing. A summary of such proposed budget shall be published with and as a part of the publication of such notice of hearing in substantially the form required by section 31-1604, Idaho Code.
On or before the first Monday in July, a budget for the public health district shall be agreed upon and approved by a majority of the budget committee. Such determination shall be binding upon all counties within the district and the district itself.
Nothing in this section shall prevent the chairman of a board of county commissioners from appointing a designee to represent him on the budget committee if the chairman is unable to attend the budget committee meeting, provided that the designee must be an elected county commissioner from the same county as the chairman of the board of county commissioners.

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