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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-504.  Petitions — Elections — Modification — Dissolution — Authority. (1) The establishment of, or participation in, an aquifer protection district may be initiated by the filing of a petition signed by not fewer than fifty (50) qualified electors of any county in which an eligible aquifer is located and who reside within the boundaries of the proposed aquifer protection district. The petition shall be filed with the county clerk of the county in which the signers of the petition are resident. The petition shall designate the proposed boundaries of the aquifer protection district.
(2)  Upon the filing of the petition, the county clerk shall promptly examine the petition and certify whether the required number of qualified petitioners have signed the petition. If the number of petition signers is sufficient, the county clerk shall transmit the certified petition to the board of county commissioners.
(3)  Upon receipt of a duly certified petition the board of county commissioners shall give notice of an election to be held, which election shall be held at the same time as the primary or general election, in such proposed district for the purpose of determining whether or not the proposed district shall be established or whether or not the county shall participate in a district. Such notice shall include the date and hours of the election, the polling places, the general purposes of the proposed district, a description of lands to be included in the proposed district, and a statement that a map of the proposed district is available in the office of the board of county commissioners. The notice shall be published once each week for three (3) consecutive weeks prior to such election in a newspaper of general circulation within the county.
(4)  The election shall be held and conducted consistent with the provisions of chapter 14, title 34, Idaho Code. The board of county commissioners shall appoint three (3) judges of election, one (1) of whom shall act as clerk for the election. At such election the electors shall vote for or against the establishment of, or participation in, the district.
(5)  The judges of election shall certify the returns of the election to the board of county commissioners. If a majority of the votes cast at said election are in favor of the establishment of, or participation in, the district, the board of county commissioners shall declare the district established and give it a name by which, in all proceedings, it shall thereafter be known.
(6)  Procedures for boundary modification or dissolution of a district created pursuant to this section shall be in substantial compliance with the provisions for petition and election provided in this section.
(7)  In the event a board of county commissioners declares a district established pursuant to the procedures prescribed by this section, the district shall be recognized as a legally established political subdivision of the state of Idaho. Unless otherwise limited by law, districts are authorized to work with and across the boundaries of all political subdivisions of the state of Idaho that are wholly or partially located within the external boundaries of the established aquifer protection district. Providing protection of a state-designated sensitive resource aquifer is a governmental function.

[39-504, added 2006, ch. 304, sec. 1, p. 938.]

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