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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-505.  Governance — Powers and duties. In addition to powers and duties otherwise set forth in this chapter, governing boards shall have the following powers and duties:
(1)  To contract with public agencies and private individuals or entities to carry out district responsibilities and accomplish purposes of the district.
(2)  To apply for and receive grants to carry out aquifer protection district purposes.
(3)  To sue and be sued, and be a party to suits, actions and proceedings.
(4)  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, to enter into contracts and agreements, cooperative and otherwise, affecting the affairs of the district, including contracts with the United States of America, the state of Idaho and any of its agencies or instrumentalities, public or private corporations, municipalities and other governmental subdivisions, and to cooperate with any one (1) or more of these entities to achieve the purposes of the district.
(5)  To borrow money, provided however, that borrowing shall be limited to the Idaho water resource board revolving development fund pursuant to section 42-1756, Idaho Code.
(6)  To have the management, control and supervision of all business and affairs of the district.
(7)  To hire and retain agents, consultants and professional advisers concerning district matters.
(8)  To fix, and from time to time to increase or decrease, aquifer protection fees or charges for services or facilities furnished by the district, for the payment of any current charges or indebtedness of the district.
(9)  To adopt and amend resolutions not in conflict with the constitution and laws of the state for carrying on the business, objectives and affairs of the board and of the district.
(10) To have and exercise all rights and powers necessary or incidental to or implied from the specific powers granted herein. Such specific powers shall not be considered as a limitation upon any power necessary or appropriate to carry out the purposes and intent of this chapter.

[39-505, added 2006, ch. 304, sec. 1, p. 939.]

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