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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


39-6606.  Duties of council. The council shall have the following duties:
(1)  To coordinate activities related to the study of water quality in the lake, the development of a water quality management plan, and the implementation of that plan until disbandment as provided herein.
(2)  To conduct a public awareness program to educate the general public on methods and responsibilities to protect the lake.
(3)  To make an examination, as the council deems necessary, of environmental conditions in, upon and around the lake. The objective shall be to obtain a scientifically sound baseline study for planning future action by appropriate authorities.
(4)  To undertake and complete a management plan with recommendations for the lake based upon such examination and study. The plan to be prepared shall specifically identify and address lake protection concerns upon the lake and within the surrounding watershed where land use, scenic values, water uses, residential development, wildlife habitat, fisheries, industry, commerce and other forms of human activity are both influenced by the lake and may reasonably be expected to significantly impact the water quality of the lake.
(5)  To promote, until disbandment, the implementation of the plan by serving in an advisory capacity to those city, planning and zoning, county, state and federal authorities with responsibilities affecting lake management or lake water quality. The council may recommend, as appropriate, the adoption of any statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations needed to implement the plan.
(6)  To consult with the public and keep the public informed through public forums and written reports of all activities of the council.
(7)  The duties of the council are ongoing and continuous until its disbandment. The council shall have the authority to complete the examination and study and prepare the plan complete with recommendations for the lake and its tributaries.
(8)  The council and all its committees will automatically disband seven (7) years after the plan, as and/or if, modified, is adopted by the legislature. Before disbandment, the council shall assist local, city, state and federal authorities in the establishment of a multiagency oversight capability to succeed the council.
(9)  The council shall not have any regulatory or enforcement powers.

[39-6606, added 1993, ch. 200, sec. 1, p. 552; am. 2000, ch. 27, sec. 2, p. 53.]

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