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39-7406.  Respective roles of county, director and health district — Liberal construction. (1) The county, director and health district each perform key roles in statewide solid waste management. Principal jurisdiction for the various functions of solid waste regulation and management as it pertains to site selection, development, operation, and closure shall be carried out as outlined herein:
(a)  Each county may select a solid waste landfill site or sites, evaluate said site(s) for compliance with site certification criteria, develop design plans for construction and operation of MSWLF unit(s), including ground water monitoring programs, provide for public review of its site certification, facility design and operation plans through the conduct of a twenty-eight (28) day public comment period, publish legal notices, serve as the repository of funds established for financial assurance, cooperate with the director and district to construct and operate a solid waste disposal system which protects human health and the environment, and perform such other solid waste related duties as may be specified in chapter 44, title 31, Idaho Code;
(b)  The director shall interact and cooperate with federal agencies to secure approved state status concerning solid waste programs, administer the site selection process by requiring an owner to certify, through such professional documentation as may be required in this chapter, that the site is not encumbered by critical site limitations as set forth in section 39-7407, Idaho Code, ascertaining that such certification has been made by a qualified professional, review and approve MSWLF unit design plans, the ground water monitoring program, alternative daily cover and final cover, alternative closure and post-closure care requirements recommended to the director for approval by the district, financial assurance and any other approvals required in 40 CFR 258, prepare and/or adopt such regulations as may be necessary to implement the provisions of this chapter, and cooperate in actual site monitoring and corrective action programs; and
(c)  The health district shall ascertain that operations standards are met, prepare and/or adopt technical guidance, review and recommend approval of alternative operating, closure and post-closure requirements to the director, and review and enforce all aspects of operation, closure and post closure except as specified above.
(d)  All approvals required by 40 CFR 258 shall be obtained by the owner and/or applicant; and all provisions of 40 CFR 258 which provide for flexibility may be obtained by the owner and/or applicant; and the director shall have the authority to grant all such approvals in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, the duty to make a determination that an application meets standards or provides an acceptable alternative, and the duty to approve or disapprove the application in a timely manner prescribed in this chapter.
(2)  This chapter shall be liberally construed to allow these public entities having jurisdiction to perform their respective roles to protect human health and the environment through expeditious and technically proper solid waste management practices, while recognizing the authority of local governments to act in their governmental capacity to perform the duties prescribed in chapter 44, title 31, Idaho Code.

[39-7406, added 1992, ch. 331, sec. 1, p. 979; am. 1993, ch. 139, sec. 6, p. 351; am. 1994, ch. 75, sec. 5, p. 166.]

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