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     Idaho Statutes

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39-7905.  Application — Facilities regulated. (1) The following swine facilities must obtain site approval under this chapter:
(a)  New swine facilities having a one-time animal unit capacity of twenty thousand (20,000) or more animal units; and
(b)  Existing swine facilities that expand their one-time animal unit capacity to twenty thousand (20,000) animal units or more.
(2)  Two (2) or more swine facilities under common owners, operators or those with whom the owners or operators contract or are located within the same county or within five (5) miles of each other shall be considered, for purposes of licensing, to be a single facility regulated under this chapter, even though separately their capacity is less than twenty thousand (20,000) animal units. In each case, the director shall determine whether one (1) or multiple site approvals are required.
(3)  (a)  Existing swine facilities with a one-time animal unit capacity of twenty thousand (20,000) animal units built and in operation one (1) year or more before the original effective date of this chapter are exempt from the requirement to obtain a site approval pursuant to this chapter unless they expand as provided in this section. However, such facilities shall register with the director within three (3) months after the original effective date of this chapter. The director shall determine the information that must be submitted as part of their registration.
(b)  Existing swine facilities required in this subsection to register with the director shall submit a nutrient management plan and closure plan to the director for approval within two (2) years of the original effective date of this chapter in accordance with rules of the department. An application fee shall not be required unless the facility is expanding.

[39-7905, added 2000, ch. 268, sec. 1, p. 759.]

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