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39-9203.  definitions. For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions apply:
(1)  "Direct fee" means an agreed-upon fee charged by a primary care provider as consideration for providing and being available to provide direct primary care services described in a direct primary care agreement.
(2)  "Direct primary care agreement" means a written contract between a primary care provider and an individual patient or a patient’s representative in which the primary care provider agrees to provide direct primary care services to the patient over a specified period of time for payment of a direct fee.
(3)  "Direct primary care services" means those services that a primary care provider is licensed or otherwise legally authorized to provide and may include, but are not limited to, such services as screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the purpose of promoting health; detection, management and care of disease or injury; or routine preventive or diagnostic dental treatment. Such services may be provided in a primary care provider’s office, the patient’s home or other locations where a patient visit with the primary care provider needs to occur.
(4)  "Patient" means a person who is entitled to receive direct primary care services under a direct care agreement.
(5)  "Patient’s representative" means a person identified in section 39-4504(1)(a) through (g), Idaho Code.
(6)  "Primary care provider" means a natural person licensed or otherwise legally authorized to provide health care services in the state of Idaho in the field of pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine or dentistry, who provides such services either alone or in professional association with others in a form and within a scope permitted by such licensure or legal authorization for the provision of such services, and who enters into a direct primary care agreement.

[39-9203, added 2015, ch. 291, sec. 1, p. 1164.]

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