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39-9503.  definitions. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Abortion" shall have the same meaning as provided in section 18-502, Idaho Code.
(2)  "Complication" means any of the following, if it constitutes an abnormal or a deviant process or event arising from the performance or completion of an abortion:
(a)  Uterine perforation or injury to the uterus;
(b)  Injury or damage to any organ;
(c)  Cervical perforation or injury to the cervix;
(d)  Infection;
(e)  Heavy or excessive bleeding;
(f)  Hemorrhage;
(g)  Blood clots;
(h)  Blood transfusion;
(i)  Failure to actually terminate the pregnancy;
(j)  Incomplete abortion or retained tissue;
(k)  Weakness, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea that lasts more than twenty-four (24) hours;
(l)  Pain or cramps that do not improve with medication;
(m)  A fever of one hundred and four-tenths (100.4) degrees or higher for more than twenty-four (24) hours;
(n)  Hemolytic reaction due to the administration of ABO-incompatible blood or blood products;
(o)  Hypoglycemia where onset occurs while the patient is being cared for in the abortion facility;
(p)  Pelvic inflammatory disease;
(q)  Endometritis;
(r)  Missed ectopic pregnancy;
(s)  Cardiac arrest;
(t)  Respiratory arrest;
(u)  Renal failure;
(v)  Metabolic disorder;
(w)  Shock;
(x)  Embolism;
(y)  Coma;
(z)  Placenta previa or preterm delivery in subsequent pregnancies;
(aa) Free fluid in the abdomen;
(bb) Adverse or allergic reaction to anesthesia or other drugs;
(cc) Subsequent development of breast cancer;
(dd) Death;
(ee) Any psychological or emotional condition reported by the patient, such as depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety or a sleeping disorder; or
(ff) Any other adverse event as defined by the federal food and drug administration criteria provided in the medwatch reporting system.
(3)  "Department" means the state department of health and welfare.
(4)  "Facility" means any public or private hospital, clinic, center, medical school, medical training institution, health care facility, physician’s office, infirmary, dispensary, ambulatory surgical center or other institution or location where medical care is provided to any person.
(5)  "Hospital" means any institution licensed as a hospital pursuant to chapter 13, title 39, Idaho Code.
(6)  "Medical practitioner" means a licensed medical care provider capable of making a diagnosis within the scope of such provider’s license.
(7)  "Pregnant" or "pregnancy" means the reproductive condition of having an unborn child in the uterus.

[39-9503, added 2018, ch. 225, sec. 1, p. 510; am. 2019, ch. 50, sec. 1, p. 135.]

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